Professional Distribution
for industry and the building sector

Prolians and Dexis

For 18 years, Descours & Cabaud has capitalised on the synergy and the synergy between its two European retail banners, Prolians and Dexis.


Prolians, the alliance of professionals

PROLIANS, the multi-specialist retail banner of Descours & Cabaud, addresses a diversified clientele of all sizes, essentially composed of craftspeople, building and public works companies, administrations, regional authorities and maintenance services related to the industries.

Widely implemented in the regional infrastructure, Prolians provides customers with attractive outlets, designed to service professionals as well as enhancing product offering while emphasising advice and human contact.

On average, each Prolians agency keeps more than 25 000 inventory references and provides technical and logistical support.

  • Metal products
  • Casting, plastics, non-ferrous metals
  • Fluid transport
  • Building & public works equipment, signage
  • Industrial plastics
  • Tooling, industrial supplies
  • Building hardware and fittings
  • Sanitary, plumbing, heating, ENR, air conditioning
  • Water treatment and landscape business sectors
  • Personal Protective Equipment

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Dexis, the industrial and technical expert

DEXIS is the European banner for the distribution of the technical product lines of Descours & Cabaud.

Specialist in industrial business lines, through the most recognised brands in the market. Thanks to a global offer, Dexis offers its clients services and solutions for the maintenance and the renovation of their equipment.

The field presence and the professionalism of the Dexis specialists guarantee an efficient local support.

  • Mechanical power transmission
  • Automation, pneumatic and instrumentation equipment
  • Metal removal
  • Hydraulic components
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Industrial plastics
  • Industrial supplies and equipment

Our specialised retail banners

To be as close as possible to its customers’ expectations, Descours & Cabaud creates innovative concepts for specific trades or domains.


The retail banner of the water treatment and landscape business sector of Prolians

Prolians Plastiques

Prolians plastique anglet
The retail banner of the agencies specialised in piping systems for construction and public works


The retail banner of Prolians sanitary showrooms

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