Supplies and Equipment
for Industry and the Construction sector

660 selling points worldwide

FRANCE : 440 selling points

An exceptional network in France

The professionals of Industry, Construction, Water and Landscape can count on a strong presence of our networks in France, on average a store every 40 kilometers away.

For further information on our networks in France:

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AUSTRIA : 8 selling points


Steyr Werner specialises in selling industrial supplies, especially in the MRO and PPE sectors. Its head office is located in the outskirts of the capital, Wien (Vienna). This company has 188 people employed in eight sales outlets.

For further information on our Dexis subsidiary in Austria:

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BELGIUM : 10 selling points


Being the undisputed leader in the industrial supply distribution sector (MRO - Maintenance Repairs and Operational materials), IMES wants to be the most competent partner for businesses who are looking for an efficient and cost effective solution for their MRO product management.

Both as a multi-specialist and generalist distributor in the range as well as a specialist in the products.

To know more about our subsidiary Dexis in Belgium:


Descours & Cabaud has acquired 40% of the capital of the company VAN DEN BROECK, located in Herentals in Belgium, trading in building hardware, power tools, welding and PPE: 3 selling points.

To know more about our subsidiary Prolians
in Belgium:

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CZECH Republic: 3 selling points
SLOVAKIA: 8 selling points


Between 2006 and 2008, Descours & Cabaud took over the companies SLS and Technaco CZ in Slovakia. In April 2010, the 2 companies merged to become SLS-TECHNACO. It has a total of 8 selling points present in the two countries.

To know more about our subsidiary Dexis in Slovakia and
in the Czech Republic:


The company DELUX was taken over in 2011, and is the leader in the PPE distribution sector in Slovakia, with locations in Vráble and in the Czech Republic in Podebrady.

To know more about our subsidiary Prolians in Slovakia and
in the Czech Republic:

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GERMANY : 3 sales oulets


TKD GmbH focuses on OEM solutions and MRO activities. Today, its main activity is the manufacturing and the supply of precision ball bearings and slewing rings.

We offer 0.400 mm to 150 mm precision balls of various qualities and materials, used in furniture slide-rail systems, by the distributors in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors and also rails for car seats, pens, bearings, ...

For the slewing rings, we offer a 200 mm to 3 000 mm range, also available in various materials and various precisions. The main markets are building machinery, packaging, cranes, renewable energies, the agricultural sector and many more.

To know more about our subsidiary TKD in Germany:


Situated between Frankfurt and Stuttgart in Germany, the RALA company is involved in the sectors MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul), OEM (original equipment manufacturers) and PPE (personal protective equipment). It has 275 employees working on two sites.

For further information on our RALA subsidiary in Germany:

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ITALY : 16 selling points


Descours & Cabaud is present in Italy, with the company FEREXPERT, specialised in Building Hardware, which has two selling points, in Bologna and Ferrara...

To know more about our subsidiary Ferexpert in Italy:


This company based in Mantoue, specialised in Building Hardware, joined the group in July 2012.

To know more about our subsidiary Ferramenta 2000 in Italy:


In November 2015, Descours & Cabaud continued developing in Italy when it bought shares in the CCRE company. Based in Reggio Emilia, it specialises in mechanical power transmission.


In december 2017, Descours & Cabaud continued developing in Italy when it bought shares in the EBI company. Based in Verone, it specialises in mechanical power transmission.

So now, armed with its ten sales outlets, the Dexis sign can be seen in Italy.

For further information on our DEXIS subsidiaries in Italy:

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NETHERLANDS : 50 sales outlets


Descours & Cabaud bought into the capital of the DESTIL company in 2007. Founded in Tilburg, Netherlands, in 1865, it deals in building hardware, fixings, tools and PPE (personal protective equipment). In 2010, DESTIL took over the Syntec company (formerly CRH).
Its sales outlets have increased the workforce of DESTIL, now making it the leader for construction hardware in the Netherlands. In 2013, DESTIL merged with the LAMAN company, already subsidiary of the Group within Dexis.
Thus, DESTIL shows its determination to develop its industrial customer base and consolidate its position as leader for professional supplies in the Netherlands.

For further information on our DESTIL subsidiary in the Netherlands:


In May 2015, the Group expanded in the Netherlands when it bought shares in the Wiek de Laat Security company. Located in Veghel, and with thirty employees, it installs and maintains building access control systems.

For further information on our WIEK DE LAAT subsidiary in the Netherlands:


Located in the Netherlands, the NOMAG company specialises in selling tools for industry and mechanical transmission. It has two sales outlets near Amsterdam and 25 employees.

For further information on our NOMAG subsidiary in the Netherlands:


Kroon BV is specialised in the sale of tools and personal protective equipment. Based in the north of the Netherlands, Kroon BV employs 100 people, has 10 branches and boasts a turnover of €21 million.
Following this acquisition, the group now has 50 points of sale in the Netherlands, generating a combined turnover of €118 million and employing 500 people.
The Netherlands is the country in which Descours & Cabaud has the largest presence, second only to France.

For further information on our KROON subsidiary in the Netherlands:

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SPAIN : 36 sales outlets


  • Metallurgical products
  • Building & Public Works products
  • Tooling
  • Industrial supplies

To know more about our subsidiary METALCO in Spain :


Descours & Cabaud strengthens its presence in Spain ine July 2016 with the acquisition of Helios Dica, a specialist in PPE distribution. Based in the Cantabria, Helios Dica employs 27 people, has 3 branches in Santander, Burgos and Tangier (Morocco) with a turnover of €8 million.

For further information on our HELIOS DICA subsidiary in Spain:


Constantly expanding, with its many sales outlets covering most of Spain, the Dexis Spain agencies, grouped under the banner of DEXIS IBERICA, employ more than 175 people. In association with the most important market brands, they daily provide maintenance and renewal services for more than 20,000 regular customers, with a full range of MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) products:

  • Bearings, linear guidance systems, mechanical transmission components
  • Compressed air, vacuum and nitrogen
  • Sealing
  • Lubrication
  • Industrial tools
  • Complete industrial supplies
  • Hydraulic transmission


For further information on our Dexis sales outlets in Spain :


Within the organization of DEXIS, Tecnomeca Kidelan is oriented to serve the OEM industry in the Iberian region. We provide technology solutions in the field of linear motion, mechanical transmission, aluminum profiles rotation, under our brand TKD. Our engineering department advises and provides complete studies and projects in the field of automation. We offer our product range in correlation with the needs of our customers, and we cooperate with them to provide the complete solution.

For further information on our TECNOMECA KIDELAN subsidiary in Spain:

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UNITED KINGDOM : 43 selling points


In october of 2016, Descours & Cabaud achieves a historic milestone in its international expansion strategy by acquiring Hayley Group Limited in the United Kingdom.

Thanks to this acquisition, Descours & Cabaud now covers 11 European countries and thus enters the small circle of MRO B-to-B distributors able to operate over the entire European market.

Created in 1976, Hayley services all sectors of industry and has developed a great expertise in the rail, food and beverage, aggregate & cement, utilities, agricultural and engineering sectors.

With 42 branches covering the whole country from Poole to Inverness, Hayley generated in 2016 a turnover of £114 million pounds sterling (€135 million) with circa 600 employees.

To know more about our subsidiary Hayley in the United Kingdom:

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CANADA : 11 sales outlets


Descours & Cabaud moved into Canada after buying shares in two companies located in the province of Quebec. These two companies employ 125 people and are specialists in the marketing of steel, aluminium, special steels and reinforcement bars.

For further information on our Canadian Steel subsidiaries :


In April 2015, the Group bought shares in the Outil Pac company, located in Canada, in the province of Quebec. It has 48 employees on its three sites in Montreal, Quebec, and Danville, and specialises in supplying tools and equipment for construction work and industry. The Group was already present in Canada since taking over the companies Acier Ouellette and Acier Campi in April 2014.

For further information on our OUTIL PAC subsidiary in Canada:


As part of its international development strategy, the Group strengthened its position in Canada in November 2015 with the takeover of Intercity Industrial, based in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Specialising in the sale of tools and equipment for construction work and industry, it brings to six the number of the Group’s outlets in Canada.

For further information on our INTERCITY INDUSTRIAL subsidiary in Canada:


Based in Barrie, near Toronto, Northern Safety specializes in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). It proposes a range of 45,000 products, which allows the company to offer its clients a highly personalized service, irrespective of their size or activity sector.

For further information on our NORTHERN SAFETY subsidiary in Canada:

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USA : 41 selling points


Descours & Cabaud has been present in the United States since 1979 with DILLON SUPPLY Co and its 22 agencies based in 7 states: North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia.

Dillon Supply Co offers its clients the following main product families:

  • Steels and Tubes
  • Lifting and Handling machinery
  • Industrial supplies
  • Abrasives
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Cutting tools
  • Hand tools
  • Mechanical transmission devices
  • Electric tooling
  • Industrial valves and fitting equipment
  • Industrial paints
  • Mounting
  • Industrial materials

To know more about our subsidiary Dillon Supply in the USA:

BMG Metals

Having joined the Group in July 2012, BMG Metals with its headquarters located in Richmond (Virginia), has 6 agencies in Virginia, North Carolina and Maryland.

The company distributes metallurgical products, aluminium and stainless steel and includes a conversion section (plasma and oxy welding); it also has a reinforcing manufacturing workshop.

To know more about our subsidiary BMG Metals in the USA:

HAHN Systems

Founded almost 80 years ago, Hahn Systems operates 6 points of sale in Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky and Illinois. In these areas of strong economic activity, the company services a very diverse clientele in the construction and manufacturing sectors. It offers extensive ranges of products and services, including fittings and tools, compressors, abrasives, mastics, portable electrical tools and PPE. It also rents equipment, such as lifting systems.

To know more about our subsidiary BMG Metals in the USA:

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