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[ Oct 18, 2018 ] - A new identity for our european networks.

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[ May 11, 2017 ] - Descours & Cabaud makes two new acquisitions: OTTAWA FASTENERS SUPPLY in Canada and EPI MAINTENANCE in the Paris region.

Leader in professional distribution in France and a major player in Europe and North America, the Descours & Cabaud Group aims to consolidate its leadership in the distribution of personal protective equipment through the acquisition of EPI MAINTENANCE.
In continuation of its acquisition-led strategy for international development, the Group is also strengthening its geographic footprint in Canada, where economic growth shows no signs of letting up.

EPI MAINTENANCE, a service company with extremely high added value

Descours & Cabaud's takeover of EPI MAINTENANCE is part of the Group's strategy to consolidateits leadership in the distribution of personal protective equipment.
Through a verticalisation of the offer, the Group is strengthening its capacity to provide services with very high added value.
Located in Essonne, EPI MAINTENANCE specialises in the verification and maintenance ofpersonal protective equipment for professionals in the manufacturing and construction industries.

EPI Maintenance

OTTAWA FASTENERS SUPPLY, Descours & Cabaud's new subsidiary in Canada

Descours & Cabaud has also taken a stake in OTTAWA FASTENERS, a Canadian distributor specialising in the distribution of fixtures and fittings, tools, personal protective equipment and abrasives to professionals.
Founded 30 years ago, OTTAWA FASTENERS is aimed at a diversified client base made up of industrial companies, government departments, skilled tradespeople and private individuals.
With 60 employees, it posted sales of just under C$ 13 million in 2016, which was up 25 % on the previous year. Its client portfolio features major players such as Ottawa Light Rail Transport, a Canadian railway operator, as part of a very-high-speed railway project.

"Our company enjoys an excellent reputation in its catchment area. Our tie-up with Descours & Cabaud and its Canadian companies means we will be able to bolster our image as a benchmark player, foster synergies, particularly in terms of expertise and purchasing power, and sustain development of the business in the long term", enthused Mike Wilson, founder and Chairman of OTTAWA FASTENERS.


[ October 18, 2016 ] - Descours & Cabaud Consolidates its Presence in North America

After taking a historical step forward in its strategy to become Europe’s leading player by moving into the UK market last September, the Descours & Cabaud Group is continuing to strengthen its position in North America with two new acquisitions: Northern Safety in Canada, a company specialized in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and Hahn Systems in the United States, a long-standing distributor of supplies for the construction and manufacturing sectors.

Northern Safety, a Canadian Specialist in PPE.

Based in Barrie, near Toronto, Northern Safety specializes in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). It proposes a range of 45,000 products, which allows the company to offer its clients a highly personalized service, irrespective of their size or activity sector.

Northern Safety

Hahn Systems, a Long-standing Distributor in the United States.

Founded almost 80 years ago, Hahn Systems operates six points of sale in Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky and Illinois. In these areas of strong economic activity, the company services a very diverse clientele in the construction and manufacturing sectors. It offers extensive ranges of products and services, including fittings and tools, compressors, abrasives, mastics, portable electrical tools and PPE. It also rents equipment, such as lifting systems.

Hahn Systems

[ October 4, 2016 ] - Descours & Cabaud achieves a historic milestone in its international expansion strategy by acquiring Hayley Group Limited in the United Kingdom

Thanks to this acquisition, Descours & Cabaud now covers 11 European countries and thus enters the small circle of MRO B-to-B distributors able to operate over the entire European market.

Leader in wholesale distribution in France and a major player in Europe, Descours & Cabaud has acquired the Hayley Group, one of the leading MRO distributors in the UK.

This acquisition provides Descours & Cabaud with its first ever operation in the UK and is totally in line with the external growth strategy the Group launched two years ago.

Hayley, a major player in the UK

Created in 1976, Hayley services all sectors of industry and has developed a great expertise in the rail, food and beverage, aggregate & cement, utilities, agricultural and engineering sectors.

Hayley offers a comprehensive range of MRO products for industrial maintenance bearings, power transmission, sealing products, tools, personal protective equipment, and fluid power). Combined with value-added services such as assembly and repair facilities, to support its clients in their search for improvement in productivity and efficiency.

With 40 branches covering the whole country from Poole to Inverness, Hayley generated in 2016 a turnover of £114 million pounds sterling (€135 million) with circa 560 employees.


[ July 7, 2016 ] - Descours & Cabaud strengthens its presence in Spain with the acquisition of Helios Dica, a specialist in PPE distribution

A new phase in the consolidation of the Group’s position in Europe

The Group is pursuing its international growth strategy with the addition of Helios Dica, a Spanish distributor of Personal Protection Equipment. Based in the Cantabria, Helios Dica employs 27 people, has 3 branches in Santander, Burgos and Tangier (Morocco) with a turnover of €8 million.


[ May 12, 2016 ] - Descours & Cabaud pursues its external growth strategy with a new acquisition in the Netherlands

As part of its external growth strategy, Descours & Cabaud, France's leading company for B2B distribution and a major player in Europe, has targeted the Netherlands by concluding a new takeover deal with Kroon BV, which specialises in the sale of tools and personal protective equipment. Based in the north of the Netherlands, Kroon BV employs 100 people, has 10 branches and boasts a turnover of €21 million.

This is the fourth acquisition made by Descours & Cabaud in the past six months as part of its external growth strategy. It reflects the group’s aim to boost its international growth and strengthen its presence in Europe. Following this acquisition, the group now has 50 points of sale in the Netherlands, generating a combined turnover of €118 million and employing 500 people. The Netherlands is the country in which Descours & Cabaud has the largest presence, second only to France.

The regional coverage provided by Descours & Cabaud subsidiaries in the Netherlands is the largest of any group in the country.


[ January 8, 2016 ] - Descours & Cabaud is accelerating its growth in Europe

With the acquisition of several companies: Rala in Germany (maintenance products, components and PPE (personal protective equipment)), Steyr-Werner in Austria (maintenance products and PPE) and Nomag in the Netherlands (tools for industry and mechanical transmission). These acquisitions clearly reinforce the European position of Dexis with additional turnover of €100 million.

[ November 19, 2015 ] - Descours & Cabaud continues developing in Italy

With its equity investment in CCRE SPA, based in Reggio Emilia, specialist in mechanical power transmission, Dexis is now present in Italy with five sales outlets.


[ November 9, 2015 ] - The Group continues its external growth in Canada

As part of its international development strategy, the Group strengthens its position in Canada with the buyout of Intercity Industrial, located in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Specialising in the sale of machinery and equipment for construction and industry, it brings to six the number of the Group’s sales outlets in Canada.


[ May 13, 2015 ] - The Group launches an external growth operation in the Netherlands

Descours & Cabaud now has an equity investment in the Wiek de Laat Securite company, located in Veghel. With its 30 employees, it installs and maintains building access control systems.

Wiek de Laat

[ April 16, 2015 ] - Descours & Cabaud strengthens its presence in Canada with Outil Pac

Last April, the Group made an equity investment in Outil Pac, a company located in Canada, in the province of Quebec.
Specialist in the distribution of tools and equipment for construction and industry, it has 48 employees at its three sites in Montreal, Quebec and Danville.
The Group is already present in Canada with Acier Ouellette and Acier Campi, which it bought in April 2014.