Descours & Cabaud
Supplies and Equipment
for Industry and the Construction sector


By providing the broadest offer on the market, DESCOURS & CABAUD naturally positions itself as a privileged interlocutor of European Key Accounts.

Expertise and proximity are both vectors of efficiency: strengthening trading expertise and continuously launching new sites ensure Key Accounts customers of a homogenous service on all their sites.

DESCOURS & CABAUD is committed by framework contracts, with a resolve to streamlining their requirements.

  • A know-how adapted to Key Accounts clients
  • A dedicated organisational structure
  • An offer of value-added services

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Offre e-commerce

The e-commerce sales offer

Descours & Cabaud has implemented three e-commerce responses:

- DC Clic
DC Clic , the online ordering tool , is a practical response to the problematic purchase of MRO products: optimisation of processes, generation of economies, permanent control

- The personalised electronic catalogue
Descours & Cabaud has the ability to provide a personalised electronic catalogue which is stored on the client’s IT system to allow him to prepare his own purchasing orders.

Souris DC clic

- E-marketplaces
To date, Descours & Cabaud has had to work with most of them and has several master catalogues stored on the main marketplaces.