Supplies and Equipment
for Industry and the Construction sector

236 years of service to the professionals

Over two centuries of total professionalism

Founded in 1782, the Descours & Cabaud Group has established a steadfast position over the years as a leader in the distribution of professional supplies to the industrial and construction sectors.

As the leading player in France and a major one in Europe and North America, our Group is recognised for its ability to build a lasting partnership with its trade customers by helping them achieve continual gains in productivity, performance and innovation.

Committed to serving our customers’ growth

Descours & Cabaud is positioned as a multispecialist partner and a distributor of high value-added products and services dedicated to the growth of its customers.
The relationship we have had with our customers for more than two centuries is based on 5 commitments which underpin our performance and win their trust over time:

  • The human and geographic proximity of our sales team
  • The competitiveness and the breadth of the offer thanks to our purchasing power
  • The availability of products made reliable by a powerful logistics structure
  • The technical excellence of our experts
  • The development of services and performance solutions that facilitate and simplify the operational activities of our trade customers

As a result, Descours & Cabaud can provide its 450,000 customers with the widest range of products and services on the market on a daily basis.