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A human adventure spanning 240 years

For 240 years, DESCOURS & CABAUD has helped its customers achieve their goals and meet their challenges in the construction, public works and industrial sectors.
As a partner of professionals, the Group has participated in numerous major projects, including city planning, the development of infrastructure and transport networks, the construction of engineering structures, the industrial revolution and the construction of water and sewer networks. The Group achieves this by passing on the entrepreneurial spirit of its creators and their passion for their profession.

Discover our series of films made to mark the Group’s anniversary.


View the very first film in a series dedicated to this anniversary year. In this first film about steel, the Group’s historic business, Nicolas Plévy, Director of the Steel Division, and Gaëlle Clair, Steel Sales Director for the South Region, agreed to share their views about the Group and its history.


View the film about steel

The water sector

Alain Koessler, Branches Manager, and Anthony Menut, sedentary sales rep for HYDRALIANS DC Plastiques, talk about their careers and share their views on the challenges of water management.



View the film about the water sector

Public works

Alexis Lorain, Director of Public Works and Heating Sanitation and Plumbing Markets, and Dominique Deymes, Public Works Commercial Business Division Director, share their views on the role played by the DESCOURS & CABAUD Group in the development of urban infrastructures.


View the film about public works


Frédéric Toulis, Store Manager at PROLIANS LE MANS, and Guillaume Martineau, Manager of SAS Dorize Charpente Couverture, exchange their vision of the role played by the DESCOURS & CABAUD Group in the development of stores. Thank you to them for their valuable testimony and for sharing their views!


View the film about stores

Personal Protective Equipment

In this fifth film about PPE, Rita Viana, Director of SINTIMEX – DEXIS Portugal, and Blandine Dujardin, DEXIS PPE Commercial Business Division Director, agreed to share their views on the Group and its history.


Watch the film about PPE

240 years,

The series

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Unparalleled resilience

The Group has created a unique and scalable distribution model based on four pillars:

  1. A business, offering and geographic diversification strategy with international ambitions
  2. High standards that drive customer performance
  3. A constant commitment to federate, retain and promote its employees
  4. Long-lasting relationships with customers and partner suppliers, underpinned by the trust of its shareholders, which enables the Group to look to the future with a long-term vision intended to develop shared wealth

A pioneering spirit and lasting values

DESCOURS & CABAUD owes its history to the men and women, who, through their expertise and human qualities, contribute to the company’s development every day.

If the Group has prospered through history, with its periods of growth, downturns, twists, crises and upheavals, it is also because it has continuously pursued a strategy of diversifying its presence, its offering and the businesses it serves.


With determination and high standards, DESCOURS & CABAUD has always paid close attention to its environment, to detect opportunities and risks and adapt to changes in its customers’ needs and the geopolitical situation.

A forward-looking Group

While pursuing the priorities of its growth strategy, the Group is stepping up its CSR initiatives and adapting its offer to the challenges facing its customers and the major issues of the 21st century:

The environment:

• More sustainable and more efficient industries

• User-friendly and energy-efficient buildings

• Optimised water and energy management


Social considerations:

• Constant attention to changes in society: working conditions and environment