PROLIANS supports
over 200 construction trades

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PROLIANS, the partner of construction sectors

As an expert in all construction trades, PROLIANS provides daily support to professionals from more than 200 different trades: metalworkers, locksmiths, general building contractors, carpenters, plumbers, local authorities and public services, masons, carpenters, industries, public works professionals, and also service sector companies. Its 450,000 customers can count on the most complete range of supplies on the market, backed up by numerous services.

Our ambition: to defend and support the know-how of construction professionals. The building sector is undergoing major changes: new technical, legal and environmental standards, the rise of connected objects and intelligent buildings… As a distributor serving professionals, we are committed to working with you by sharing our technical expertise and offering innovative solutions for your professional performance.

Our customers benefit from the sheer power of a global partner driven by 5 key commitments:


PROLIANS is a sales outlet every 50 km, close to your sites and workshops

Outlets in Europe
customer visits per month
+ than 20,000
customers every day in our stores

1,000,000 references

Screws Fixings
Workshop equipment
Worksite equipment
Plumbing – Heating & sanitation
External works
Public works Products
Our brand dedicated to Personal Protective Equipment


Working alongside professionals for over 20 years, the OPSIAL brand offers you a complete range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to protect you from head to toe!
Because we know you inside out, we’ve developed products that are entirely tailored to your needs, whatever your working environment.

OPSIAL product ranges:
hand protection, foot protection, clothing, head/eye/respiratory protection, fall protection.



To discover our offering that combines technicality, comfort, and style, see our OPSIAL website


Our exclusive brand dedicated to power tools

Kress power tools

A strong heritage, a passion for innovation and quality that gets the job done for professionals – that’s Kress.

PROLIANS and KRESS – a strong team

PROLIANS and KRESS work together to provide you, the customer, with the best shopping experience. You can purchase all Kress power tools online at Prolians.


In every field,
there is an expert to accompany you

Our expertise is driven by people with a highly complementary array of skills:

  • Our market directors, who analyse and keep tabs on the trends in your sectors
  • Our product managers, who select the best products and negotiate with our manufacturing partners
  • All our sales forces, who regularly receive training on products and their features

PROLIANS offers you à la carte services to make your daily life easier.


  • Express pickup
  • Connected container
  • PPE packages


  • Clothing customization
  • Prescription eyewear
  • Maintenance of PPE category III

Safety Truck
The solution for curative and preventive maintenance of category III PPE
that comes to you


  • After-Sales Service
  • Creation of customisedcolours and paint
  • Key  center
  • Waste collection


  • Electronic quotations and invoices
  • Hire with option to buy


Benefit from a next-day logistics service

The very latest-generation logistics tools to ensure faster deliveries and superior efficiency

+ than 15,000 references
available in our stores
+ than 10,000 shipments
made every day across France
3 logistics platforms
delivering supplies for construction and industry
1 platform
for nuts, bolts, screws and fixings
5 platforms
for steel products

High performance Solutions

PROLIANS: always focused on the customer!

Always attuned to your needs, we work alongside our suppliers in designing and developing new solutions to improve your performance in your sectors of activity.


We offer portable, lightweight and flexible ergonomic systems to reduce muscle fatigue caused by repetitive tasks or arduous postures.

Our teams of experts accompany you throughout the integration of these innovations that protect your personnel, from the analysis of your problems to their adoption by the end users, among others:

  • definition of risk positions through work stoppages related to MSD or occupational diseases,
  • analysis of the work environment and the adaptability of the proposed devices,
  • on-site testing and validation of acceptability,
  • follow-up of users during the appropriation phase.