HYDRALIANS, the brand dedicated to the water and landscape trades, is setting up in Portugal with the company CUDELL.

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1 September 2021

HYDRALIANS has just taken a new step in its commercial development by acquiring the company CUDELL, a player in the water sector established in Portugal. This is a first significant step in the Europeanization of the company.

CUDELL, a historic company recognised in its market Founded in 1954, CUDELL addresses all the players in the landscape sector, through a range of products covering the fields of swimming pools, watering, water treatment, agricultural irrigation and pumping. It has 35 employees, spread over 6 sales outlets and a logistics warehouse. The company has an excellent reputation and an expert image. It also has its own training centre to develop the skills of its employees and customers.

An acquisition in line with HYDRALIANS’ strategy to strengthen its geographical footprint

HYDRALIANS was created in 2009 with the acquisition of SOMAIR-GERVAT, a swimming pool specialist, and PROSJET and IRRIGARONNE, experts in agricultural irrigation. The company has expanded continuously since its creation, so much so that it has doubled the number of its sales outlets over the last ten years, thanks to the opening of new sales outlets, but also through the integration of new companies with complementary activities. In 2020, HYDRALIANS integrated CGFP, Comptoir Général des Fontes et Plastiques, a Parisian player specialising in rainwater pipes.

The company is structured according to areas of activity:

The acquisition of CUDELL is therefore in line with the strong growth of the company in the water management market, which remains buoyant and innovative throughout Europe. For HYDRALIANS, this first step outside the French borders represents the opportunity to deploy all possible synergies of know-how, with a view to playing a leading role at the European level.


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