DESCOURS & CABAUD develops in Canada with FICODIS

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9 January 2023

At the beginning of 2022, the Canadian company FICODIS joined the Group, bringing the number of DESCOURS & CABAUD sales outlets in Canada to 33. This acquisition illustrates the Group’s desire to develop in a dynamic country that has experienced sustained growth for several years in a number of sectors such as public transport, residential construction, manufacturing and energy.

Based in Montreal, FICODIS specializes in the distribution of products and services for industrial maintenance: power transmission, cutting tools, tools and personal protective equipment. With 20 sales outlets and 243 employees, it is present in Quebec and Ontario, as well as in the United States with two locations in New York State.

FICODIS serves more than 15,000 customers in various industries such as mining, manufacturing, machining, food processing and construction.