North America

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For 40 years, North America has been a strategic geographical area and a growth driver for DESCOURS & CABAUD.

The Group’s presence in the United States dates back to 1979 and marked the beginning of its international growth ambition. Today, DESCOURS & CABAUD has nearly 46 sales outlets and 450 employees in the country.

Canada, marked by strong economic growth, is also an area of opportunity for the Group. Present in the country for five years, it now has 33 points of sale and employs a total of nearly 550 people.

DESCOURS & CABAUD has strongly intensified its presence in North America over the last years, pursuing two major objectives: diversifying its sales plan and densifying its network. The Group’s ambition is to become a true partner for its customers, capable of providing them with global solutions with an unequalled level of operational excellence.