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The industrial sector is undergoing a major transformation, under the influence of digitalization. This technological revolution is disrupting established patterns and is opening up new opportunities towards a more interactive, highly productive, reliable and sustainable industrial tool.

As Industry 4.0 takes off, we help you to improve your processes and optimize your assets. As such, we provide you with a comprehensive range of products and services, led by dedicated experts and combined with digital solutions tailored to your specific business needs


A cornerstone of the economy, the construction sector is constantly evolving in an effort towards greater productivity : the rise of new technical, legal and environmental compliance standards, the use of digital technologies such as connected objects or assisted design and information modeling.

Furthermore, the global climate crisis emphasizes the utmost need for a more sustainable approach to construction with a view to reducing their environmental impact.

As a partner to the construction sector, we are committed to accompanying you in implementing new technical solutions designed to maximise efficiency and performance of your project.

Safety and comfort are the cornerstones
of our product offering



Safety matters are crucial to all industrial and construction businesses. As the leading supplier of Personal Protective Equipment in France and a key player in Europe, the DESCOURS & CABAUD Group has a holistic approach towards risk management and employee protection in the workplace to support its key account customers.

Our solution range dedicated to comfort and safety relies on the expertise of our marketing division PPE (Personal Protection Equipment), which is in charge of analyzing trends and monitoring market’s technological and legal evolution. Their main purpose is to tailor and provide the most suitable products to your specific needs.



TrackUp is a key Accounts dedicated platform for identifying, quantifying and tracking your savings opportunities. Because we are committed to partnering with you in reducing your operating and administrative costs and in optimising your processes, we work alongside to draw up added value programs in fields as wide-ranging as product offerings or production downtime reduction, among many others.

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DC Clic, the e-commerce solution

DC Clic is the tailor-made e-business solution for key accounts. It fits perfectly to your organization so that you can view your customized products offering and order autonomously via this website (whether through direct ordering from the site or via a punchout system through your ERP)

Through the website’s new features, you now have a real-time overview of all your orders and stock availability. A comprehensive dashboard, tailored to your needs, allows you to monitor your company’s activities at any time.

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